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Sorry I did mean KoS! I've got those publications, I shalll root through them tonight. It doesn't sound like he was a gifted tactician!



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>> Can anyone suggest where I might find any info on Euglyptus (other than
>> the line or two in KoDP)?
>I suppose you mean KoS.
>There's a little bit in Genertela:Crucible of the Hero Wars-Glorantha
>Book, there's Fazzur's Vita on, and there's the detailed
>account of the Starbrow Rebellion in Wyrm's Footprints.
>> Of course history is written by the victors; Euglyptus may have been
>> Narses (and probably not a Eunuch! ;-) ); it's possible that his
>> reputation
>> might have been deliberately tarnished after his demise at the hands
>> (literally)
>> of Fazzur. I am keen to find out a bit more about him.
>Generally accepted wisdom: senior member of the Assiday family, front man
>for the able cousin Tatius. Neither Tatius nor Euglyptus appear to be good
>at military tactics. Euglyptus in addition failed to recognize the
>Building Wall magic and the ramifications of the Starbrow Rebellion. Most
>of all he made an implacable enemy in Fazzur.
>I'm not sure whether Euglyptus' demise was much of a hindrance in the
>cooperation between Tatius and Fazzur, after all it freed Tatius' way to
>the front of Assiday operations. Fazzur's inheriting command after
>Euglyptus however was a strike against the Assiday's business and had to
>be avenged.

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