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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 13:06:02 +0100 (BST)

> simon.miller_at_...:

> > Can anyone suggest where I might find any info on
> Euglyptus (other than
> > the line or two in .. KoS.
> ... I am keen to find out a bit more about him.
> Generally accepted wisdom: senior member of the
> Assiday family, front man
> for the able cousin Tatius. Neither Tatius nor
> Euglyptus appear to be good
> at military tactics. Euglyptus in addition failed to
> recognize the
> Building Wall magic and the ramifications of the
> Starbrow Rebellion.

Though it's worth remembering that he did rule Sartar from 1602 to 1613 without any major disasters until the end. Not bad going. He's no military genius, agreed, but keeping the economic and political side of things going that long implies he isn't a complete incompetent.

I'm trying to find out/invent more about him myself, mainly in terms of personality and motivations, so perhaps we should get together off-list on this.

(Yes, off THIS list, anyway. By the time of Whitewall, he's been dead for years.)

My own particular interest is the 1602-1604 period, when he was supposed to be tracking down what was left of the Sartar bloodline and destroying it, yet managed to keep Kallyr as a (live) prisoner for two years. All looks very suspicious to me! But without some idea of his personality, motivations, and competence, I've got real trouble figuring out what he was trying to do.

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