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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 22:41:55 +0100

Yes I made the connection with Polaris, too; sort of fits. But would fit for a general too! I hadn't made the Kastarch connection; at least there's a relationship between the titles and Dara Happan culture.

Sadly a tetrarch commands only 80 men... it was a good theory!



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> (i.e polemarch, tetrarch), I'd probably prefer to use the correct
> term or a made up one.

If it helps, Simon, consider that the root of Polemarch is Polaris, the Pole Star, the celestial god of war and favourite of Pelorian staff colleges. I have no idea if it is correct or not, but it sounds as fair a reason as any.

Kastarch naturally (well, I *guess so*) comes from the hero Kastok/Kastokum/Kastokus, the cavalry commander that 'beat the Pentans at their own game.

I believe (where is my ILH-1?!) that Tetrarch is army commander. So that will derive from the time of Elmexdros, when there were four Dara Happan armies: the Central, Northern, Southern and Imperial Field Armies, and a three-star general will have been one tetrarch in the 'tetrarchy' of commanders.



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