RE: Possible use of Greek Titles within the Lunar Army

From: donald_at_...
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 23:44:14 GMT

In message <GIEJJJBKMCKOEJINNEKDMEKKCCAA.simon.miller_at_...> "Simon Miller" writes:
>Donald; thanks- I just found the relevant section in ILH 1...
>I think it will take me a while to accept it; I've never felt easy with
>Roman titles used with the Lunar Empire (especially the bits I think of as
>Greek), and the Greek titles (polemarch) seem to be applied to Dara Happan
>stuff which I thought would have a more eastern flavour.

I think of the Lunars being a thin veneer of Roman over a Greek base (the Dara Happens) with the Carmenians bringing in a Persian flavour. I keep expecting to see a legion style unit with scimitars and pila but they haven't appeared yet.

Donald Oddy

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