Re: Ram Riders

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 10:52:49 +0200 (CEST)

> In message <cf576v+t618_at_...> "Jane Williams" writes:
>>Looking up the actual stats of those Cloud Rams for other purposes, I
>>see that they're "Large 12" and "Strong 15". As opposed to your
>>average Horse, which is "Large 5W" and "Strong 2W". Are we quite sure
>>the Rams are suitable for riding? A Vingan of mine in a completely
>>different campaign would like to know.
> Given that the sable antelopes of Prax have Large 18 and Strong 18
> which would make them smaller than ponies (Large 2W and Strong 18)
> I'm not sure we can come to any conclusion about other numbers. Even
> Impala's with no Large or Strong rating can carry (pigmy) riders.
> So I'd be inclined to say the Cloud Rams riders are built like
> jockeys.

There is evidence for larger rams in Heortland: the town Ramsleap on the Marzeel requires people wanting to cross to mount a great ram. Presumably of the low-flying kind?

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