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From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:56:05 +0100 (BST)

> > I've had one half-formed idea hit me *very*
> recently,
> > to do with the Defender Wind part. Do you have any
> > (non-DW) Vingans in your party? Would they like to
> > learn a new stand-alone feat (and then use it on
> the Bat)?

Oh, on-list. Very much so.

I was reading the Sky Ship, with my proof-reader's hat in range if not actually being worn, and spotted Kallyr calling a Defender Wind to blow some ashes away at a funeral. All very dramatically appropriate and sad. Only then I looked at her stats, and saw the complete lack of Defender Wind affinity, or any other Wind powers at all.

So I asked Steve (as I do when I have my proof reader hat engaged), and was told that it's either because those stats aren't complete and she's got an undocumented stand-alone feat, or it's because NPCs can cheat the rules. Well, I think most of us know how I feel about NPCs cheating, and let's not go there.

So, Kallyr has an undocumented Defender Wind feat, useful for blowing things away. Which doesn't fit any of the named ones, but never mind. Where did she get it? When, and why? Fits the initial Bat approach rather well, don't you think? We have an NPC Defender Wind devotee, who knows/invented this feat. She's teaching it to anyone capable of learning it, fast. Yes, free feat, grab it while it's hot. Only you have to take part in this barely-known HQ at about 5 min notice.

I've always said Kallyr is there as an NPC to be interacted with, preferably on an equal level if you possibly can. And this is exactly what you've got here. Vingans, come and learn a feat. She's one of them, on the same level as your PC. The leader/teacher is someone else.

So, we need the feat name, we need a myth to go with it, we need a little HQ to follow the myth. We need the NPC Vingan, and the story of how she discovered this feat.

So far I haven't invented any of these. Over to the list. John, you out there?  

Jane Williams                                   

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