RE: Re: Defender Wind scenario-let

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 08:55:47 +0100

> > But she's a Mastakos specialist. For this, we need a Defender Wind
> > specialist.
> Yeah, but like you say, its a stand alone feat, and one of her Godyr
> might be the one who does the summoning perhaps?

It's being taught as a stand-alone feat, because it's being taught to people with no Defender Wind affinity. The person teaching it most definitely does have a Defender Wind affinity, and for her this is just one of many DW feats she knows.

By all means have her from Tarthcaer if that works for you, and by all means one of Tarose's allys/friends/followers whatever. Just as long as she's free to come down to Whitewall and help.

> The defender storm
> generally appears naturally in Earth Season. Early or late. The
> bat arrives in Disorder week of Dark Season. Thats the first week
> of dark season, so maybe she comes late?

We said from the start that we're trying to use Defender Wind out of season here, so don't worry about it.

I've been looking for Defender Wind myths, either where Vinga uses her Defender Wind (in any way) or the one where she gains it. The main write-up has two fragments: she takes Jiril's powers from him on p167 of TS, and uses them against Valind on p168.

It occurs to me that there's also a DW mention in that last rather tongue-in-cheek story I wrote, and since that's all about the founding of Tarthcaer, it *may* be more suitable for Rob. Just re-write the line "She threw her own Defender winds at him" to be a bit more specific. In fact, rewrite the whole thing to be a bit more serious... But you've got a proto-HQ there, with easily defined stations. The intended main reward is a hill-fort, not a DW feat, but it's useable. They'd all learn how to find Tarthcaer again as a main/side effect if they didn't already know, which may well be a good thing. And if Rob needs something in a hurry, this is a quick answer.

For more general purposes, though, if we're turning this into a scenario-let for general use, I'd like a more suitable myth. And I'm unsure if that myth should show Vinga *using* DW to blow things away, or show how she *learnt* to blow things away. My thoughts at present are tending towards a dust storm or perhaps a plague of insects, which her mother and sisters are trying to sort out with a broom.

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