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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 14:41:00 EDT

Yes I use RQ3, but I'll keep gamespeak minimal. Promise.  

You asked about NPCs...  

1 A young Lankhor Mhy initiate writing a thesis about the archtecture of Whitewall and how it differs to the traditional Orlanthi settlements. Useful as most of my previous campagins have been set in Pavis and my players have little concept of what it is to be Orlanthi. After the Pavis initiate started admiring the buildings I made the faceless NPC female and a possible romantic interest is begining to develop. Decided she was from WW and the PC was dragged out for a night on the tiles to make sure "he's not a wrong 'un". It was one of her brothers that I killed of whilst the group were gorp hunting. Produced the right reaction with the Pavis PC now having a reeealy good reason to "kill those Lunar b*****ds!".  

2 One of the Orlanthi is also a follower of Yinkin and the Alynx breeder, Finnbogi Ogmundson became a firm friend and spent much time hunting on the plataeu.  

The Pavis PC was grilled by Broyan about the Pavis siege and Lunar tactics. Being a tad embaressed about the city holding out for both days, he quickly turned their attention to Lunar battle tactics...However it served the purpose of introducing the PCs to the Bigwigs. Why else would a bunch of scruffy initiates get involved with the high-ups?  

Yep only 150 left in Whitewall whilst the raid on the engines took place. I figure that there is 1000 Lunars on the Plataeu proper. That would leave 500-600 troopers up and running at anyone time, the rest, well resting! The 200 attacking this group were only a distraction for the 100 heading for the engines and then fall back. You would not need that many to stop them at the gates and the 150 left behind are the combatants. Even non-combatants can drop rocks on anyone trying to climb the walls etc. There is nearly 800 of those.  

Gorp in amphora... well if you want realy nasty in my old Borderlands game I had an Ogre mince his pet Walktapus and threw it all over RoneGarth. Soon there was hundreds of little Walktapi running about puffing poison gas everywere. Even if you don't go as far of mincing you can get a lot of Walktapi for your money just slicing tentacles off. Not sure if it work with HQ.  

I have plenty of bits for the PCs to do but they are RQ not HW. If I post them would some one convert them?  


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