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From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 13:33:41 -0000

> >> What makes you think that Tatius is a pragmatic general?

Let me clear up a misunderstanding. Pragmatic is not synonomous with "competent". My take on Tatius is that he is the antithesis of the pragmatic politician - he's a Dara Happan radical and a Lunar religious zealot of the first order. That's irrevelent to his skill or lack thereof as a military commander.

> > We know he's more intelligent than his cousin Euglyptus.
> We usually use Euglyptus as the face of decadence in the Lunar

I view Euglyptus the Fat as a wily and shrewd politician. Quite pragmatic as well. But he is not a military man. I've been chatting with Martin Laurie and some others regarding the background to Starbrow's Rebellion (from the Lunar POV).

> Let me see:
> He bungled the Building Wall Battle big way, and had Fazzur
fired for
> being successful.

He had Fazzur fired for being a political threat.

> The Tarshites solved the Aramite problem.

So - not his problem. Let the Tarshites dealing with the damn pigriders.

> Jomes Wulf solved the Telmori problem.

Which made Euglyptus perfectly happy - no one in Glamour (or even Mirin's Cross) cares about a little band of werewolves. And he settled good Lunar veterans on the land.

> Harvar Ironfist solved the Righteous Wind Far Point problem.

And he did it without risking any Lunar troops. And showed everyone just how weak these Sartarite rebels are. You know, it might not be a bad idea to provoke the more uppity tribes into open rebellion, then squash them. We can settle good Lunar veterans on their best lands once they're squashed.


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