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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:38:04 GMT

In message <002501c4aee9$e02d61a0$f06a7640_at_oemcomputer> "Roderick and Ellen Robertson" writes:

>>That's certainly true and I think it's been in the region of Sartar
>>since Runegate (which was when?). I don't think it goes back to the
>>Moon between appearances, I think it wanders around pretty much at
>>random until someone finds either a use for it or an excuse to send
>>it somewhere else.
>Runegate was Blatted in 1602. The Bat went directly from there to Boldhome
>(a week or two later, as armies needed time to attack Wilmskirk and/or march
>to its aid, then march to Boldhome). At Boldhome the bat is destroyed (not
>just defeated) by the dragon. That gives the Cult of the Bat 19 years to
>Reassemble/Resummon it. I don't think it was anywhere near Sartar until it
>gets sent to Whitewall.

This Lunar WMD doesn't seem to be very reliable if it gets clobbered just about every time it gets used in serious combat. I'd be more inclined to think it took less time than that to resummon it and it was used somewhere else in between even if that place wasn't Sartar.

>It's wanderings aren't "Random" - at least, it's not allowed into the
>heartland of the empire, so there are some restrictions on where it *can*
>be. No, I think the bat is directed to various trouble spots, or hags out on
>the fringes of the empire until a direction is given it. It may *look*
>random to the casual observer, but it ain't.

Yes, random isn't the right word - it's subject to the political manoverings of the local governers/satraps and how good they are at persuading the Chief Bat Priest to do what they want.

Donald Oddy

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