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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 15:43:43 -0700

> >Runegate was Blatted in 1602. The Bat went directly from there to
> >(a week or two later, as armies needed time to attack Wilmskirk and/or
> >to its aid, then march to Boldhome). At Boldhome the bat is destroyed
> >just defeated) by the dragon. That gives the Cult of the Bat 19 years to
> >Reassemble/Resummon it. I don't think it was anywhere near Sartar until
> >gets sent to Whitewall.
> This Lunar WMD doesn't seem to be very reliable if it gets clobbered
> just about every time it gets used in serious combat. I'd be more
> inclined to think it took less time than that to resummon it and it
> was used somewhere else in between even if that place wasn't Sartar.

The trick is not using it in "Serious" combat ;-). It's like using tanks as bulldozers and simply burying trenches instead of actually *fighting* to get through. It's not pretty, it's definitely not "fair", but it gets the job done.

I don't think you can really blame the Bat's defeat at Boldhome on the Lunar doctrine - *no-one* (except, maybe, some Player heroes, who happened to make a bargain with it earler on?...) knew about the Dragon before it showed up. I also don't think it took all 19 years to get it back. It just wasn't seen anywhere a KoS author happened to be. Maybe it was beating up Pentans, or on an extended "Diplomatic Mission" to some place far away...

At Whitewall, the Bat's defeat is a surprise to the Lunars - who knew that rebels, armed only with single seat fighters, could take out the deathst... err, that Storm rebels armed only with the magics of a nearly-defeated God could take out the Bat?

Unfortunately, we don't have a good history of the Bat - we know it appears at the battle of the Arrows of Light, and then at Runegate. where was it in between? You can infer that it's a lousy weapon and was taken out every time ("Hah, only a storm Barbarian would be foolish enough to fear the Bat!") or that it was a useful, but not critical, part of a number of battles. Or something in-between...

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