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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 00:59:48 GMT

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>Is that when we put it? (checks Wiki) We did, didn't we?
>In 1619.... The bat was repelled... Jorkandros Blinder was replaced by
>Tatius... In 1620..."
>Yes, it looks as if Tatius came in before the end of 1619, and it's
>implied that this was as a direct result of the failure of the Bat. I'm
>not sure how long it would take for the news of the BatBlat to reach
>Lunar Command and for them (whoever this is?) to send Tatius out?

Unless Jorkandros delayed sending a message, it's about as long as it takes a Moonboat to reach Glamour. I think the Assiday family would have jumped at the opportunity to get Tatius appointed so I think it would have been fairly quick. For him to actually arrive at WW would then depend on how long it took him to get his personal troops and anything else he needed down there. I don't think he actually arrived at WW before 1620.

'them' is I think the Emperor himself, either in agreement with or overruling the Ordenviru.

>This isn't a Lunar campaign. It's a Tarshite one, with the Lunars
>tagging along and trying to take over control.

I forget where I read about it but the whole Lunar expansion to the south is driven by Tarshites with the Emperor taking advantage. I get the impression that the Heartlands aren't really interested except for some individuals who see a profit from getting involved.

Donald Oddy

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