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In message <000001c4b4e3$28938970$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:
>> >It's perhaps worth remembering that by the 1630s, Fazzur and his
>> >Tarshites are fighting *against* the Lunars (he got
>> >dismissed once or twice too often?), and Argrath is his ally.
>> I didn't know this.
>KoS somewhere - sorry, don't have the references to hand. AFAIR
>pre-coffee, Pharandros falls out with Fazzur, Fazzur and his sons have a
>civil war with Pharandros, Fazzur asks "Argrath" for help and gets it.

Page 28. Fazzur is up in Tarsh at this point which is an awful long way from Baron Sanuel near WW. I suspect Baron Sanuel's position in Sartar was pretty much untenable after the Dragon Rise if he'd remained a Lunar supporter so he probably changed sides in 1625/6. That's assuming he isn't playing both sides all along - he does allow the Derensev library to remain open in spite of reports that rebels are using it (DP entry for Karstanstead).

>> >I'd suggest that Sanuel is an ally of Fazzur, rather than of the
>> >Lunars? In 1621 this is close to being the same thing.
>> As far as the Orlanthi are concerned maybe, but that means that
>> Tatius's supply lines to WW are being protected by Fazzur's ally.
>> And Fazzur has just been snubbed by Tatius being appointed.....
>But before we develop this much further, it might be worth remembering
>Jeff's comment:
>"Fwiw, my understanding is that Baron Sanuel will make an appearance in
>Men of the West."
>Any idea who's working on him? And whether it could be worth exchanging
>ideas in either direction?

Isn't MotW being done by Trotsky? I've not really got much more in the way of ideas than I've said already although I might get some more if I knew more about the Baron.

Donald Oddy

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