Re: Baron Sanuel

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 13:33:50 +0200 (CEST)

Steve aka drfegg_at_...

> What about Hazra Khan from Karse as the supply line?

Definitely one of the options, and probably used, too.

However, the Hazara Khan (IMG Kostaddic Sable people) trade mostly in overseas luxuries, not bulk grain. I think they lack the facilities to feed several thousand soldiers, even though they have no trouble providing required magical supply.

> Or is he too far away from WW, and I suppose supplies would be coming from
> the north...unless the Lunars are well efficient and stock piled supplies,
> arms etc in Pavis/Corflu and ship it across.

Easier to buy grain in Nochet or Rhigos. Karse isn't mainly a grain port, though, and lacks grain storage facilities at this scale.

Weapons and armour are difficult to provide from the south, but the requirements will be a lot less stringent than food.

> Obviously this would take a bit of planning but from my point
> of view that is something the Lunars are very good at. Less
> chance of the rebels of DP waylaying them.

At this time. Getting the stuff to Pavis leads the Lunars through Sartar...

> IMOG the Lunars have been using slaves to grow crops in the Grantlands
> since 1617 why not have them store arms also.

Sufficient for outfitting the Karse naval assault.

> All part of the big overall Lunar plan of taking
> DP/Sartar/Heortland etc. Dunno sorry for thinking outloud.

That's Fazzur's plan. Tatius wants to do it by magic, Fazzur conquers.

> Of course that could be Tatius' idea but Fazzur prefers his old buddy
> Sanuel.

Don't know about buddy. Sanuel may have been the best available mercenary not allied with Rikard.

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