Re: History of the Hendreiki and the Volsaxi

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 16:42:30 -0000

> See above. I don't think that
> Hardrard claimed to be High King
> of the Hendreiki (for one thing,
> he lacked the regalia) - only
> that Andrin was not truly High
> King of the Hendreiki. I think
> the Bacofi, Sylangi or Kurtali
> were already more or less in the
> general area prior to the
> Resettlement. Hardrard might
> have been the first High King of
> the Volsaxar, but again, I don't
> know for sure.

What we have in the Wiki is pretty specific that the Volsaxar were founded after Tarkalor helped defeat the Kitori (?during the reign of King Enfrew?).


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