Bright Blessings for Sacred Time

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 09:47:40 +1100

THE OLD WORLD IS GONE FOREVER. THE NEW WORLD IS YOURS TO SHAPE. Bright Blessings for Sacred Time and the New Year to the shapers, storytellers, dreamers, mythopoets, word witches, house heroes, clan chiefs, lunar priestesses, sofa strategists, sword swingers, shield bearers, glorantho-geeks, dark age warlords, argraths-in-waiting, true kallyri, volsaxi champions, waha warriors, selenic sophisticates, thunder-drumming Tarshites, smelly far walkers, pavic defenders, ocean darers, players, gamesmasters, writers, artists, map makers, editors, playtesters, sellers, poets, filkers, convention organisers, convention goers, list-gods, lore masters, web site maintainers, wiki wizards, collectors, book buyers, pencil shaders, questioners, keyboard creatives, quibblers, ranters, list trolls, demigods of the dice, were-Uz, duck lovers, duck haters, yurt-dwellers, and companions of creativity from many lands who share this list.

May your new year be full of joy and your clan (however constituted) find peace in the year ahead.



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