RE: Re: Firewood?

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 20:06:11 -0000

> > Do they burn wood?
> I think that it is written up on the Wiki and that foraging
> parties strib all of the wood from the locality apart from
> Desdryaldnaswood (sp?)

I think you're right. But over two years of much more intense occupation than Whitewall's had for years, will that be enough?

> > Do they cut peat on the Fellmoor?
> Yes, this is too good to miss.

I liked it. Those Volsaxi clans that still live outside the siege and support Broyan to some extent could supply peat. And food, of course.

> The best time to cut peat is
> during early Fire Season - do we raid today or do we go cut
> peat so we don't freeze our bits off in Dark Season.

Different people, I think.

> My
> memories of peat cutting are that the peat is cut stacked
> nearby (with lots of air gaps, in a shape that sheds water
> outwards, any mythic opportunities
> here?) and left to dry for a year or more. Wet peat is
> extremely heavy compared with dry peat.

Also my memories - I tried doing this on a trip to Ireland. It's not excessively hard or heavy work, but tiring.

> And burning peat gives off lots and lots of smoke and quite a
> pleasant (to me anyway) smell!

Compressed peat doesn't smoke all that much. And yes, nice smell.

We may have to check what geographical requirements there are for a peat bog. Joerg? Other experts?

> > Is there a coalmine underneath?
> I don't like this idea much, we should not have everything
> and the kitchen sink at Whitewall.

Agreed - and I'm not even sure Glorantha has coal? (Though I do wonder about the Blackrock clan of the Kheldon?)

> > Do they deal with two problems at
> > once and dry the dung from the
> > horses? (not enough of it, surely,
> > and how would you dry it?)
> Absolutely. Similar processing in many ways to peat but
> with, I guess, a less pleasant smell.

Anyone been to places where they burn animal dung as fuel and able to comment?

Of course, if there's any cultivation of vegetables inside the City, the dung would be far more valuable as fertiliser.

> > Hot springs (won't roast a joint, though)?
> I don't think that we have or should have any fire/heat
> related features at Whitewall

I think I'd agree. Water, yes. But no Lodril influence.

> > Natural gas, and pipes?
> No.

No, probably not. A little silly, and with too much potential for disaster.

> >"It's magic"?
> No.

Definitely not my choice. But I gather others often like it.

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