RE: Re: Firewood?

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 07:34:11 -0000

> I can't think of an ancient siege which lasted several years
> in such a cold position where obtaining fuel would be so
> essential to the defenders survival.

Nor me, but I'm no expert on medieval/ancient warfare. Sieges generally lasted months, not years, didn't they?

> At least half the Lunar army are Tarshites, including many
> senior officers. They'll recognise the stuff even if they
> look down on those who use it. And when they get short of
> fuel they'll take it.
> >Later.... I can feel the Battle of Thorgrad's Peat coming on.
> Before the Orlanthi realise there's no way they can defend
> all those stacks scattered around the area. A heroic last
> stand against overwhelming odds, a clan warband against an
> entire shieldwall regiment.

Sounds that way. Maybe they gather all the peat together in one huge stack? Stand on it and shoot down? And finally, when they know they can't win, set fire to it themselves?

I think we need those cellars. Ful of ancient dried and compressed peat, if not charcoal. Or both? Charcoal for the smith, peat for general use.

>> Please can we have
> >a breed of black alynxes that live there? We *need* black
> cats in our coal cellar, they'll bring us luck!
> I'm sure it's there, but would black alynxes be seen as lucky
> by the Orlanthi? Surely they'd be associated with darkness
> and trolls etc.

Cats are creatures of the night, surely? Darkness that's on *our* side?

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