RE: Re: Firewood?

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 12:39:14 +0100 (CET)

Jane Williams

>> > Do they cut peat on the Fellmoor?
>> Yes, this is too good to miss.

> I liked it. Those Volsaxi clans that still live outside the siege and
> support Broyan to some extent could supply peat. And food, of course.

I think I added the Fellmoor bog explicitely for this purpose...

I don't believe in huge stacks of peat waiting for consumption in the city, unless some old Volsaxi king received several years worth of tithing in peat cuts and accepted the joke. Same for charcoal, although I can imagine some charity-buying when times were rough and a king still had something to spare.

> We may have to check what geographical requirements there are for a peat
> bog. Joerg? Other experts?

Not exactly an expert, but here I peek up:

Two different kinds of bogs exist. One comes from lakes "landing up" with vegetation (mostly) and sediment. Characteristically they are watered by lying in a basin.

These can become the basis of type 2, which is rain-dependent growth on top of type 1. (I'm sure there are lots of technical terms in English I am ignorant of...)

Type 2 is the stuff occupying the hill flanks e.g. in Galway County, Ireland, predominantly sphagnum moss. Climatically, Heortling habitats ought to be excellent growing grounds. Once having started, these bogs are pretty self-sufficient, taking nutrients from the rain and the atmosphere.

>> > Is there a coalmine underneath?
>> I don't like this idea much, we should not have everything
>> and the kitchen sink at Whitewall.

> Agreed - and I'm not even sure Glorantha has coal? (Though I do wonder
> about the Blackrock clan of the Kheldon?)

Glorantha surely has coal - and the Mostali have the steam engines to go with that. I don't expect much human coal mining activity, although I can imagine Uz digging for this tasty petrified elf biscuit stuff.

There is no steel industry (except among the Mostali) to demand more coal than charcoaling can provide, so you'd need extraordinarily easy to mine coal and hard to get timber for coal mining to become an option for survival. I doubt that aldryami would sanction this grave-robbing (imagine elves raiding Necropolis mummies for fertilizer, to get an idea).

> Of course, if there's any cultivation of vegetables inside the City, the
> dung would be far more valuable as fertiliser.

There will be. Veggies, mushrooms...

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