Re: Issaries publishing policy and the Whitewall wiki

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 00:40:36 -0000

> OI YOU LOT!!!! Not so quick with the deletes!!! Jeez.
> I work with contracts every day. The way I see it the Issaries
> policy is a protection mechanism for exceptional threats to the
> intellectual property rights of Issaries. I do not believe 'our
> wiki' is such a threat.

The Issaries fan policy appears to be largely watered down boilerplate. Just let Greg and Stephen know about the website (which they are aware of - although they should link to wiki from the Issaries site if they aren't doing that already), throw lots of source acknowledgements in it, and it'll be fine.

> I say, chill out, update the copyright and ownership blurbs and
> continue as we were. Lets not pre-empt.

I fully agree with Rob. For what it is worth, I am a US lawyer (soon to leave my firm and return to the public sector as an assistant attorney general) who has dealt with trade secrets and intellectual property ownership issues. Don't panic so much!


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