Whitewall in YBOT

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 15:03:07 +1000

Hi folks

With the new Issaries Fan Policy and licencing agreements pretty much sorted out now (Greg has been tremendously focussed, responsive and helpful as we sort it all through), I'm pleased to say that a version of my Whitewall seminar presented at Tentacles last year will appear as a feature spread in the next YBOT (which I happen to also be editing).

If you've seen the Powerpoint slide show from the seminar there will be few surprises - some Kallyrkarla poetry, the provisional timeline, a simple map of the city, Heortling and Lunar lessons and motivations, rendered artwork (not *all* vingans :)), and some random speculation on winds and storms and Bats. There will also be a brief bit of fiction to set the scene.

I intend to fully acknowledge the work of the group and to name you all collectively as co-authors. How does 'the Whitewall Wyter' sound?

If I use any direct material from other folk I'l make sure I get your permission beforehand. At this stage (as in the slideshow) I'd like to include a basic version of Donald's excellent troop types and units, and Mich's sketch of the city.

I'll make a PDF version of the final article available to you all in the group's file section (though I hope you'll buy Tentacles as well. :))

The article should stir up some extra interest in the group and the wiki. You'll probably see YBOT available early in June.



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