RE: Licensing news from Tentacles

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 07:36:24 +0100


> In
> particular, I accept responsibility for concept use. This means
> that, if any of our material is re-used by Issaries (or their
> licensees) then the originator of that material can sue me but not
> Issaries.

If you're happy to do that, then fine. I don't see the risk as being great myself.

> 1 - should I state that while it is free for re-use, we would
> greatly prefer attribution?

Yes. It shouldn't need saying, but people have been getting touchy about this. Perhaps with a note that if the original author is unidentifiable, following John Hughes in refering to us collectively as the WhiteWallWyter is a good compromise.

> 2 - do we want it to be free for re-use outside Glorantha?

I would suggest not. Most of our ideas are "derivative", and reuse outside Glorantha would potentially lead to hairiness. Perhaps say that any such project would need discussion.

> I did not discuss the issues of quotations or maps, that can wait.

Am I right in thinking that all images are in fact held on other sites, and merely linked to from here? If so, it's the hosting site that has the "problem" with maps. If we do run into trouble, I'd be happy to host them on my site, and go through getting them added to my licence. Quotes ditto - make them a separate document, and link.

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