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Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 14:24:03 GMT

In message <d6eff7+hk33_at_...> "Charles Corrigan" writes:

>Our group was founded on the basis that our material was designed to
>be reused, so that I believe this is not an issue. And generally,
>Issaries and the wider community are good about attribution.
>I propose to modify the front page of the Wiki to make a statement
>that all of our material is free for re-use. Points for discussion:
>1 - should I state that while it is free for re-use, we would
>greatly prefer attribution?
>2 - do we want it to be free for re-use outside Glorantha?
>If anyone disagrees with the fundamental concept of free re-use then
>please let us all know immediately. If we cannot come to agreement
>then the material involved must be removed. If the material is too
>large to do that, then I shall have to take the site down.

I think it wants to be a bit clearer than "free re-use" which implies public domain, i.e. anyone can re-publish anything they like in any way they like.

How about something like:

We encourage the use and republishing of the ideas and concepts included, with attribution where practical. Permission is also granted for copies to be made of all material for personal use including games. All other rights are retained by the individual authors.

That's fits pretty well with the Issaries FPP and only requires a publisher to check with a small number of authors. Certainly what Issaries has always done and I expect fan publishers would as well. It also prevents someone grabbing the lot and publishing a spoiler if we decide to use it as an Issaries or fan publication.

>I did not discuss the issues of quotations or maps, that can wait.

Are there any significant quotations on the Wiki? I know I've avoided them refering to the published work instead.

Donald Oddy

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