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Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 03:48:44 -0700 (PDT)

I always pictured the approach (AFTER the ground level gatehouse/guardhouse) as being a really windy road, like in the James Bond monaco-type movies......hence, not so steep, but incredibly long (and incredibly vulnerable to attack from above).

Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...> wrote:> The links I've send on the precedent message didn't work.

I think you used the Yahoo temporary URL, not the "real" one. They always time out after an hour or so. And they're a mile long, and unreadable.

> I resend the file to the group...

Is it any different from the last version? Still *very* impressive.

That makes it a lot clearer what's what, and where, in fact. And makes me wonder about the factual accuracy of some of Mitch's ideas.

How do you get your wagons up to Tarkalor's Gate? Once on that viaduct affair, yes, fine (assuming you don't get blown off), but how do you get up that steep bit of rock in the first place?

How come the gate has been swapping sides as often as we once suggested? It's incredibly well-protected. I'd seen the main gatehouse as being at "ground" level, almost, so you could have waves of troops hitting the walls around it. You'd need scaling ladders and so on, sure, but as it is the place just isn't attackable other than by flyers.

In fact, why not destroy that viaduct, so as to stop any attacks at all? I'm sure it isn't being used as a supply route during the siege.

Take the entire picture and divide the height by about four?

Thanks, Sam. I'd never have realised how far this differed from the stories we've been putting there without being able to see it so clearly. See it? With that picture, I can almost smell it!

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