Re: Drawing of whitewall...

From: Sam <asha0030_at_...>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 07:11:24 -0000

> Is it any different from the last version? Still *very* impressive.
Thanks a lot :o)
No, no difference, just the link which is valid now.  

> Thanks, Sam. I'd never have realised how far this differed from the
> we've been putting there without being able to see it so clearly.
See it?
> With that picture, I can almost smell it!

And thanks for your thanks ! ;o) but I'm only the messenger. Mitch is the original sketch maker, and the one who colorized the picture is one of my player, Alexis Tranto.

And what are the errors ? We might perhaps correct them. The wall are too high ? We'll check the map, for the landscape, and try to do it, somedays...

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