RE: Re: Jumping off Cliffs

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 21:27:23 +0100


> > > I mean really, if you have to be a devotee to be a
> > > good hero, then your Kings are all lame, because they
> > > MUST be an 'initiate of Orlanth and some other god.'
> Well, you don't have to be a devotee, but it helps. But *most* heroes
> will have abilities stolen/bought/found on heroquests, rather
> than "just" buying up their ability ratings with HP. Harrek didn't
> buy up his "Rend Tear and Mutilate" ability solely by spending HP, he
> went and slaughtered a demigod, skinned it, and wears it as a cloak.
> Kings will have a kingdom full of people praying for them, plus the
> abilities granted by their regalia, any personal quests they've gon
> on, etc.

I'm sure we've discussed this on a list or two, once or twice....

But yes, take another look at the major NPCs in OiD. Who are, I think, Heroes in the normal meaning of the word (not the HQ weird meaning of total beginner who happens to be run by a player). Most are initiates, not devotees. OK, they were written as HW not HQ characters, so we don't know know if they're Concentrated because it hadn't been invented then. But "mere" initiates, yes.

FWIW, you may remember that Donald and I have been writing the odd story or two in the background (and I really wish the ruddy thing would stop growing and head toward completion, but.... 40K words done, probably another 20K to go...)

...anyway, we're trying very hard to make sure that anything we have happen in that will work according to HQ rules and the stats given in OiD. Yes, we accept those stats aren't complete, but we're not altering any numbers or letting anyone "cheat". So I now know how Kallyr copes with various contests, whether combat or on HQ, because I've effectively run her through a few. And RR is, of course, absolutely right. She'll start off using her own abilities, but when life gets nasty, she's augmenting with magical gadgets, external support, and every Relationship she can get hold of. That's an awful lot of augments!

I haven't yet looked into her jumping off cliffs, but without some preparation and/or a friend or two to help I'd expect the answer to involve "splat". Sorry, but gravity doesn't care how many people think you're wonderful, even in Glorantha.

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