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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 17:56:53 -0700

> > If you *leap* off the walls using "Fall Softly" magic, you only face
> > a resistance of 14 (that's the "natural world default").
> So this is purely a case of who initiates the attack?


> Because leaping
> isn't falling, which I think was the point. As a GM, I'd be hard pressed
> to explain to a player why this was 14, when falling off the wall
> wasn't. If the point is that magic when it is used appropriately is 14,
> why it should be less effective in the more appropriate case seems odd.

Well, as I said, you can think of it as the difference "being prepared" (Leaping") and "not being prepared" (falling).

If we allow magic to reduce an *attacking* ability down to 14, then the rules get all screwed up. "I drop a Meteor the size of London (call it 17w5) on him". "He dodges out of the way using magic. your Huge 17w5 meteor is reduced to merely 'Huge 14', and he beats it handily.

"I swing at him with my sword, let's see, that's a total of" "He defends using his 'Evade Blow 17' common magic, reducing your attack to a mere 14."

No sir, ain't going to go there.

> But then that whole "It's 14 except when it isn't" thing confuses me no
> end anyway. And wouldn't leaping be an active use of it anyway, which
> brings us full circle to the idea that you really just shouldn't be
> trying to use augment only magic to land safely?

Magic that is specific to an action, (Frex, using Leap Off Walls magic to off the city walls) is opposed by the "World Default" of 14 *if* there is only mundane resistance opposing it. But if there is a non-mundane resistance available to use (intelligently directed, magical, or whatever) then you use the non-mundane resistance.

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