RE: Re: Kathy

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:20:50 +0100


> > What was the name of Issaries' mother again? I'll have to drive home
> > and find out.
> Harana Ilor

That's her. Is she still around?  

> > But my idea now is that she has a magical harp that not only sounds
> > good, but can potentially stop anyone even thinking about harming
> > her. Mega-Harmony. Oh, and it affects anyone who touches it, too,
> > before anyone says "so nick it, then".
> Hmm, shades of jack the Giant Killer and the harp he found up there.

Interesting association. So we need some huge plants and a giant? Let's head north. Up to the Vale of Flowers and the Giant's Walk.

> Of course, we already have a harp-wielding chick: Jar-Eel the
> Razoress. It
> could be an interesting contest between those two, but who
> would judge?

Wrong question. How well would they get on? From the very little I know of Jar-Eel, quite well, I think.

In WW, we have another harp-player, or at least harp-owner. Leika. Hers is magical, too. "Kathy" might be able to teach her how to play it and what it does.

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