Re: Earth faction in WW

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Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 20:41:05 GMT

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[Earth Priestesses]

>So far I know of Benava Chan. That's it. I know she's expending nearly
>as much effort on being anti-Kallyr as she is on being useful. Who else
>is there?

Checking the Wiki there's Leika Beti Orlkensorsdottor of the Colmyr and Scathach the Iron Shrew one of Broyan's year wives. There's the possibility of other some other year wives but they're just unnamed question marks at present.

I think there should be more than just Broyan's close relatives from the Volsaxi. The defence of WW is a tribal effort and the city magic is going to be best understood by the local Earth Priestesses.

Donald Oddy

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