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> Ah, I wasn't sure and it doesn't say on the Wiki. In fact I wonder
> if we aren't too quick to use Vinga Dar rather than Orendana.

I think historically the player character was an Orlanth worshipper and a warrior of renown. That doesn't fit the profile for Beti I think. Also, Orendana whilst a shrewd choice providing many useful magics, it is more common amongst matriarchal clans/ tribes, and as we know the Colymar are patriarchal.

I suspect on balnce I would be happier with her being Vinga Dar. In our campaign Beti and Kallyr are fierce rivals (certainly on Beti's side), competing both martially and politically during the seige. A secret however is Beneva Chan's manipulation of Beti. IMG Beneva hates Kallyr with a fairly consuming passion and is a source of a lot of the conflict between the colymar and Kallyrs supporters.

> >> and Scathach the Iron Shrew one of Broyan's year wives.
> >
> >Yep. Though I get the impresssion her power is political rather
> >magical?
> With the history Oliver wrote for her? it's cram full of Ernaldan
> magic although she may be Asrelia/Ty Kora Tek now. She may not be
> a high profile priestess but that doesn't mean she hasn't got
> powerful magic. And it's just the sort of earth magic that's
> going to be needed.

I have her a bit younger. She is very attractive, has a tremendous presence and a forceful personality. Certainly a match for Broyan. She is verily a true Queen of the Ernaldi in a way that the Esrolians would be proud. She is the active leader of the womenfolk IMO. Beneva is approaching the elder grandmother stage and I have her bitter and weary from a life overtaken by tragedy. As for contributing significant magical power to WW, I think not. Whilst she has trememdous personal magical power, I believe that she is less and less active. But this is moe to suit the needs of my story. I think that she may even die of grief before the end of the seige and mayhap her's was one of the 7 bodies.

Just a few notes for the creative fire!!

> Most powerful individual quite possibly but the Volsaxi priestess's
> will be drawing on tribal and clan support, when there are earth
> rituals to do they'll be the ones doing them not an outsider. In
> fact the reason Benava is spending her time feuding with Kallyr
> could be that the Volsaxi women are excluding her.
> --
> Donald Oddy

I agree.


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