RE: Re: Earth faction in WW

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 08:08:59 +0100

> The only other Volsaxi is Kistrad the Gatethane. Will spend some
> more time on this and report back.
> regards, Charles


FWIW, on skimming through fiction for minor characters, I find one more lot of Volsaxi. And they're so minor I'm not sure if they help. No names, even.

What's said is:
"remember that near-riot half a season ago? Gyffur's lads got a bit over-excited in the Shambleshur and were about to lynch some kid for looking at them the wrong way before we stopped them?" "Weavers. And pacifist weavers at that, from what I remember..."

This was being used as just another minor character with an acute case of thinking Kallyr's wonderful (usually for the wrong reasons). There's a lot of them, and most are more trouble than they're worth. This one made what she thought was a really nice wall-hanging as a thank-you present - sadly the chosen subject matter had a few political implications that she'd missed.

Yes, weavers, still living in WW in 1620! I think what I had in mind here was the sort of little old lady who refuses to leave her house in the face of extreme disaster - it's a British stereotype that appears in every major flood, bombing, and so on. The place is a wreck, half the houses are demolished, and some old dear appears offering a cup of tea. No, she won't abandon her house, at least, not until several nice young policemen (probably Vingans, in WW) have spent a lot of time persuading her, and the china and lace in the sittingroom is still spotless. She'll leave eventually, probably with a lot of fussing over some pet - small dog, cat, that sort of thing.

Charles, if you want to grab her and tell me more about her and her family, go ahead. The more I look, the more I see possibilities there.

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