RE: Re: Earth faction in WW

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 01:03:46 +0100

> > The magic of the Keeper of Hidden Treasures doesn't have any "WOW"
> > factor??
> >
> > Who do you think has been keeping the Helm all this time?
> > And what else does she have down in her hidey-hole?
> lets have some examples then! I'm stumped and waiting for someone
> to come up with cool stuff!! :^)

All we were discussing was one little old lady who's been here all along and is almost overlooked. But there are others.

The granaries - the huge ones, deep in the earth. Asrelia. Did you know the dust in a granary makes it explosive in fire? I bet they have lots of "put out fires" magic.

The magical defences of the city, tied into 7 magical points on the walls. Yes, places like the Orlanth temple are some of these - some of the others are Earth-related. They probably mimic the seven places on the Ring of Whitewall (or vice-versa).

Weavers. Pacifist weavers. I wonder what they're like at making peace blankets?

A little old lady who makes a nice cup of tea to cheer you up. To borrow from a slightly different universe, so does Panoramix/Getafix.

Feeding animals must be hard, in WW. Easier to slaughter and preserve the meat. Preserve... How does one do that, then? How do you make sure the stuff's still edible in 2-3 years time? It's a dead body, right? Anyone think of a relevant cult?

In 1621, we have a note in Minaryth Blue that his son died of heat. A hot Fire Season. Wouldn't an Inora cultist be popular? In fact, deep underground, at constant temperature, will be a popular place to live. And who controls that area?

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