Re: Gyffur, control of

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 07:24:18 -0000

My feeling is that Gyffur is close to going over to Gargarth (he may, indeed, already have gone over - I don't have to books with me). I would model him on some of the RW isolated, wild-eyed, unsuccessful "communist" rebels. They fall deeper and deeper into atrocities in an attempt to gain recognition - to the point where they take action against the peasants whose side they are nominally on because, for example, "They saw a Lunar and they did not kill him - that's collaboration with the occupier".

Broyan, with the Helm and Sword, and other symbols of authority (like his personal winds that constantly blow around him) may have some control over Gyffur - but only while in close contact.

I suggest that Gyffur is one of the conseravtives that resist allowing Kallyr any power as a warlord - "It only stands to reason, she's a woman - only a man can be a real warrior and only a real warrior can be a warlord" etc.. (*)

Gyffur does whatever he wants and I think that this would not include him (or his warband) holing up "doing nothing" in Whitewall.


(*) Several years ago, at Convulsion, Greg mentioned that one of the contributors to Kallyr's failure to become the Agrath was that the backwoods conservatives would not tolerate the possibility of a woman being King/High King/Prince of Sartar.

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