Re: Minaryth Purple

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:24:16 -0000

My take on Minaryth Purple is that he is his own man with his own agenda.

Yes, he is associated with Kallyr and very closely at that. But she is not his patron. Kallyr is "merely" the leader of the Iron Ring of Sartar, and he is a member (*1). I suspect that he manipulates Kallyr in many ways, only some of which she is aware of. But he is is her friend and advisor too, so most of the time he gets her to do exactly what she would want to do anyway - but not always.

Anyway, Minaryth will spend most of his time in Jonstown Library, with the occasional field trip (*2). While the map makes everything look close, travel is quite difficult in Sartar and Heortland (*3).


(*1) I suspect that one of the qualifications to become a member of the Iron Ring is that the prospective member be independant and the leader or at least an representative of a warband or important community. While Minaryth is not the High Priest of Lankhor Mhy at Jonstown, I suspect a lot of outsiders would prefer that he were in charge...

(*2) Somehow, Minaryth communicates with Gold-Gotti, but I doubt that they meet face to face very often, if at all. Similarly, the members of the Iron Ring of Sartar must have the occasional meeting, whether all at once or, more likely, two or three meet up as and when possible.

(*3) Some of the standard reasons follow:
- it is hill country: unless you have an experienced guide, it will be
difficult to avoid the main roads
- the Lunars are in control, particularly around the roads: think
curfews, licenses to travel, and just plain badness ("that's a nice purple cloak, I'll have it" - "sorry sir, he was resisting arrest").
- bandits: Gyffur, at least, has a cause; most others are dispossed of
everything, including morals
- monsters: broos etc.

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