RE: Re: Volsaxi clan names?

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 12:56:49 +0200 (CEST)

Jane Williams

>> Remember, there are probably about 100
>> clans in the Volsaxi confederation.

> ???
> "Remember" implies I'd ever known this. That's a *lot*.

>> That being said, Joerg is
>> right - the Kurtali clan was part of the Curtali tribe. However,
>> they were wiped out by the Kitori in 1579, but the Night Jumpers
>> were able to defeat the Kitori and claimed the right to form their
>> own clan from King Enfrew of the Volsaxi. The Night Jumpers are now
>> a clan/heroband that owe allegiance to no king.

> Er... But they're at WW?

According to the wiki, they are.

>> Here's some population figures:
>> Volsaxi confederation: 110K Rural, 13K Urban (Karse 6K, Smithstone
>> 3K, Whitewall 4K)

> That lot all being pro-Broyan, 'cos he's their High King? And liable to > send him supplies, lend him warbands and so on? 100 clans in that lot?

Far from it. If the numbers include Karse, I guess they also include Suchara Vale and rural Karse, taking up to 30K out of the calculations - which sort of fits my numbers.

> 4K in Whitewall???? I thought we'd decided that it was almost unpopulated > due to being so impractical?

"whose king he made and trade he got" is said about Tarkalor at Whitewall. Impractical or not, Whitewall is a pilgrimage site and a market site. We get a royal stead, a few city-living clans herding and farming on the plateau, two warbands (royal and night jumper) plus caravan guard services, inns, priesthood and attendants.

>> Troll Woods: 5K


>> Karhend: 139K Rural, 11K Urban (Jansholm 8K, Sklar 3K)
>> Gardufar: 130K Rural, 20K Urban (Durengard 10K, Backford 7K, Leskos
>> 3K)
>> Esvular: 136K Rural, 14K Urban (Mt. Passant 8K, Duchamp 3K, Viszl 3K)
>> County of the Isles: 2K
>> Bandori County: 25K Rural, 5K Urban (Refuge 5K)
>> Marcher Barons: 20K Rural

> Most of these names mean very little to me - what impact will they have on > WW support?

Karhend might send a few warbands, since they have significant numbers of traditional Heortlings and aren't too far away. They wouldn't have been there when the Lunars struck, though.

>> It is worth keeping in mind that until the 1570s, the Kitori tribe
>> held political sway over large parts of Volsaxiland, perhaps all of
>> it. Tribute went to the Kitori kings. They were still close to the
>> uz tribes that lived in the Plateau and got regular troll help.

> I'm getting lost here. That was "until" about 50 years ago. To what extent
> is it relevant in the "now" of 1620? Does it make them actively
> pro-Broyan, actively anti-Lunar, or what?

There is little love lost between Kitori and most Volsaxi. I doubt a peaceful co-existence as presented in RuneQuest Adventures #4 would have happened, even in a weaker form.

That said, trading contacts with the trolls via Argan Argar caravans probably still happen a lot.

Having just finished reading Helmold's "history of the slavs" (German translation), I can't help comparing their relation to that between the Baltic Slavs and the island Danes - mutual raiding, tributes, deep-sitting hatred...

about Helmold

the original text (Latin)

If you read German or Latin, this is a quite interesting documentation on the western Slavic peoples of the early second millennium, and even gives astonishingly fair descriptions of their native religion considering the source (a missionary priest in their borderlands).

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