Re: Volsaxi clan names?

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 20:58:50 -0000

> So what's left in the way of folks who do acknowledge Broyan at
least to the
> extent of supplying food etc and possibly lending out the warband?

What year? There are a lot of folk in Volsaxiland and in the rest of Heortland who acknowledge Broyan as the lawful High King of the Hendreiki. Obviously, Rikard the Tiger-hearted, Bandar Tiger-Bane and other Lunar puppet kings disagree and discourage folk in their areas from aiding Broyan.

But many folk know that Broyan was acclaimed High King of the Hendreiki at Whitewall, the first in many centuries. Many folk know that Broyan carries the Sword and Helm of Vingkot and sports the tattoos of the Kodigvari. Even if they are too far away or too oppressed to help, there are many Volsaxi and Hendreiki that acknowledge Broyan as their true king.

Others - like the Esvulari in the cities and in the south - probably don't acknowledge Broyan as the legitimate king of the Hendreiki. Or more likely, they don't consider themselves Hendreiki, so they don't care. Still others acknowledge that Broyan is the lawful king but recognize that he is doomed and that the Lunars are the true power in Heortland. And still others are too busy dealing with the waves of scorpion-folk from the Print that are ravaging central Heortland to care who rules.

Does that help?


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