RE: Re: Volsaxi clan names?

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 22:40:56 +0100

> > Say early to mid 1620, for the specific question I'm after at the
> moment.
> OK, so by then the Lunar power is obvious to the most obtuse.... Some
> warriors might still try to come to Broyan's aid (but few can get
> through the Lunar lines) - most are just readying themselves for the
> worst.

Er, wasn't it about now that we had Arrows being sent out, and lots of people coming to WW as a result? Or so I thought?

> > Of course. So when we have PCs helping guard supply caravans to
> WW, those
> > caravans could be coming from these areas, and having to be
> guarded against
> > said puppet kings?
> Sure, although by mid-late 1620, those supply caravans will likely
> be few and far between.

And in early 1620?

> Maybe Broyan and his chosen warriors
> survive on divine splendorbread and widebrew.:)

Broyan and his chosen warriors may well do, but I believe I was being told WW had a population of about 4,000 people. They'll need something a bit more basic.  

> > Would they perhaps allow individual warriors to go and fight,
> without being
> > able to act more openly? Would they be able to send a warband?
> Some might. It depends on what they can get away with. Remember,
> central Heortland has been (and is still being) ravaged by
> scorpionmen from the Print, which tends to distract a lot of the
> fiercer folk...

No wonder we get the impression of it being defended mainly by Sartarites, then. It's not just the bias of far more having been written about Sartar, is it?

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