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> Wow! One of the few posts that I have copied to a notepad doc and
> saved for future reference.

What, you don't do that with the other stuff? ;)

> Thank you. I have been re-reading it
> over the past few days and there is one thing that I would like to
> know, and that is to go deeper into Baron Sanuel and explore his
> motivations and background. Any idea on places to look for such
> information. I'd also be delighted to hear your views/version of the
> Baron.

Official sources (in my database as of 2002, lost the newer version):

Sartar Rising, Barbarian Adventures p.8
Thunder Rebels p.52

You can ignore my stuff in Tradetalk #4.

(The Whitewall database excerpt still hides in the files section, btw...)

Much what I thought I knew about Sanuel has been rewritten over the last ten years, so let's rebuild from scratch.

We know that from 1619 on Sanuel has a contract as leader of a mercenary unit to keep the trade on the roads from Wilmskirk to Karse safe. He gets Smithstone and surrounding Volsaxi lands as a fief to keep his company fed and outfitted.

There is an outpost of his troops in Roadend (? - DP:LoT).

He plays no active role in the siege of Whitewall, except maybe to escort supply trains.

We have no information when he gets hired, or which imperial authority grants him lordship over Smithstone and the road duties (for the collection of which he presumably pays a fixed amount to the Empire). Most likely source is Fazzur. The title "baron" may have come with the lordship over Smithstone.

Speculative: Sanuel was hired after the Kultain hit the Lunar supply train at Chormsford. Possibly he was involved in the disbanding of the Kultain tribe.

Sanuel doesn't seem to be connected to Rikard's Kingdom of Malkonwal. He receives his land grant in 1619, when Rikard still is king in Heortland, and he continues to hold the land in 1622.

IIRC he is described as Malkioni in DP:LoT. He could be anything from a Kethaelan (Esvulari) to another Seshnegi mercenary, or even a convert.

If he was part of Rikard's forces in 1617, {
he didn't gain any land out of that. In that case there must have been some conflict between Sanuel and some highly positioned Malkonwal lord, possibly Rikard himself.

Apparently he gets his job done without grating the natives. He survives the deposure of Fazzur and still is around after the Dragonrise (although whether in charge of the road I don't know). After Broyan's sudden demise, he is well positioned to become the factual leader of Volsaxar.

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