Re: Broyan's household

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 12:49:49 +0100 (BST)

> Thanks for the repost. ^_^

Good to have our gaps filled in, isn't it?

> Vestalanth,
> > Voice of Whitewall, spoke for Broyan;
> Presumably a Lhankor Mhy lawspeaker

Interesting - I'd assumed he was an Issaries type. "Speaking Companion" sort of thing.

> "Dinvara the
> > heartless Chalana Arroy priestess."
> How did she get the name heartless? Was she a
> Spock-type or somebody
> who invented/implemented triage procedures? Did she
> come across as
> coldblooded to laymen when talking about biology? Or
> was she some sort
> of sociopath who was clever enough to stay within
> the rules but never
> did anything the rules didn't insist on?

She does sound like fun, doesn't she?

> "Dasvu the Urox Lord,"
> Fullfledged Fury Jarl or did the praisesinger who
> wrote this puff up
> his rank? If the former than that might indicate
> Broyan some had some
> sort of Chaos eradication project in mind before he
> got embroiled with the Lunars.

If Dasvu thinks of Lunars as chaotic, end of problem.

If we have a crashed Bat lying around for any length of time, I can also think of uses for him.

> It also brings up an interesting
> question as to how much
> use he is in the siege since I presume he and his
> would mostly be off
> trying to do something about the Scorpian Man
> invasion and using
> Whitewall as a convenient base of operations at best
> prior to the siege tightening up.

And why not? After all, what sort of troops *are* useful for standing at the top of a magically high wall that the attackers can't possibly climb? No, most of the direct attacks will be magical or "artillery" in style. So you need as wide a variety of magic as you can get, to handle whatever's thrown (literally) at you.

And for the work outside the walls, dealing with supply routes, he'll be as much use as any other warband.

> "and Kestongari, the traitor wizard."
> Traitor to whom? ^_^;

One assumes the other side - but if he's betrayed his side once, what's to stop him doing so again? I suspect people trust him because Broyan tells them to.                 

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