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From: Stuart Cogger <stuartcogger_at_...>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 19:57:29 -0000

Years ago I drew a giant and fantastically naive map of whitewall based on the one that appeared in RQ Adventures (#6 I think), and thus shaped like an air rune. I used it for our campaign, but only for the wow factor, and since I'd never used it for an actual game since I drew it.

As the years rolled on, I re-envisioned whitewall based on the rather cool map of schliemann's troy, since i always thought that whitewall should be something on that level of cultural significance rather than the strangely anti-climatic version that finally appeared in King of Sartar after waiting for it for years with only the hints of a giant siege that were sewn in Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars.

We have two GM's in our campaign, and if I had any creative control over the other half of the campaign, then comedy tolkienesque tunnels running from boldhome to whitewall would be an absolute no-no, but me and steve just have to agree to differ on such things. I think he just couldn't be bothered to run the overland journey - I mean, what's guided teleport for?

My map had a troll ghetto, which looked similar to Crabtown, and this was built over the tunnels that wound through the karst upon which the city was built through which I imagined the trolls impoting and exporting via the Kitori and the Argan Argar cult. I later saw a geological map of croatia/bosnia hercegovina which is almost entirely karst and thus riddled with caves and tunnels which gave me my image for Heortland as a whole (for me it is the Balkans).

Our game is currently in 1615, but we are geared toward our characters from two seperate campaign threads eventually meeting on the walls during the siege. we have already planned our humakti character's death (little does he know) for some kind of rearguard action where all the humakti volunteer to go and meet their god whilst others make their escape - serves him right for worshipping Death.

The new images of Whitewall are fantastic, and will replace the map that we have been using so far. I love the idea of using outlying forts, which makes me think of Khe Sanh and Dien Bien Phu for a good sense of a slowly crumbling outer perimeter and all the associated pathos and sense of general doom.

I'm really impressed with the site, and whitewall has always been where i envision all my runequest games climaxing. the sense that i'll never be able to acquire quite enough information from the site to be entirely consistent is a little frustrating though. However, I'll try and build up the confidence to put little bits of my vision of the siege on the site. It's quite a leap of faith though.

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