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In message <324584.83905.qm_at_...> Jane Williams writes:

>I still don't care what was "intended", but yes, one of the major
>things Lunars and Romans have in common is taking recruits from every
>area they conquer, and doing a superficial homogenisation. Same uniform,
>an attempt at a common language, but keep their "native" ways of doing
>things if they're better.
>I have no idea if the Persians did the same thing, nor who their
>conquered areas would have been: anyone want to enlighten me?

They didn't. The various provinces kept their own identities.

Persia itself is now called Iran. Their Empire stretched from western India to the Mediterrean Sea.

I can't remember all the various conquered peoples from that time but a few I remember are the Assyrians, the Jews and Greek city states in what is now Turkey.

Donald Oddy

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