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From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 19:00:12 +0000 (GMT)

>>> Only idea I ever had about the end was a last stand by the Humaktis to >>> give others the chance to escape.

> > Yes, but how do those others escape? What is the last route open?

> Through the clouds. A Helering feat, I suppose.

That's a nice idea. I could use that, we have Helerings in the group.

> Or some myth of a series of defenders holding off Chaos - a survival myth
> involving the deaths of the defenders.

I Fought We Won?

> Perhaps even the Immolation Song...

Since I have Humakti, yes, again that could work for me (though I'd rather not end the campaign)

The myth of the destruction of the Spike/Umath's Camp by Chaos would be a useful fit, too.

"The Chaos gods marched up the slope of the mountain, and they paused only slightly outside the walls before they began to ooze, hop, and slither their way towards it. The defense was mighty, and the walls themselves rose to crush the evil foe. Of the four quarters, three held, but nothing could withstand the trouble from the north. First, North Wind tried. Wakboth knocked him aside with a hand. Then Humakt tried, and Wakboth held him with two hands, and bit the Sword God in half, and cast the pieces aside. This wound would have killed anyone lesser than Humakt, but even he was not able to participate any more that day. Orlanth could withhold himself no longer, and he leapt into the gap to fight Wakboth. When the monster grabbed with arms, Orlanth parried with weapons and sent pieces spinning into the crowd. When Wakboth tried to bite, Orlanth filled all its mouths with cold and bitter winds. Its tentacles encircled the chieftain, but his armor burst them into shreds. But when Orlanth sought to destroy it, Wakboth parried, and with a single stab he cut Orlanth into forty-eight pieces. Any lesser god would have gone into all forty-nine. But as it was, Orlanth was barely able to blow out of there. He had told his tribe to escape if this occurred. They were ready, and bore their children and their treasured possessions among them. They went through the south gate, and through secret ways which only they knew. A dragon was there. Pole Star helped."

That last paragraph sounds like it to me. "A dragon was there". We don't know if it helped, hindered, or just watched. "Pole Star helped." That's Rigsdal. I think we can figure out who was doing that bit of magic (at least in the generally useful version: in my game it'll be a PC), but what it was - no idea.       

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