Re: Whence Wallenstein?

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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:15:23 GMT

In message <61695.> "Joerg Baumgartner" writes:

>(A question: how much of a heavy non-chivalrous cavalry tradition was
>there for Chromwell to form the New Model Army?)

The chivalrous cavalry tradition (medieval knight) had pretty much disappeared in England by the mid 17th Century although there were a few units of fully armoured cavalry who would have been actual knights. The cavalry on both sides was recruited from those who could afford their own horse so would be the landowners who a couple of hundred years earlier would have been knights or at least squires. The New Model Army was recruited from the same source - it was just better trained.

Mind you if I was making a counters for ECW cavalry on a WBRM scale most of them would be 3-2-4 with the NMA as 3-3-4. You could even argue for those trained to fire pistols rather than charge being 1-2-4. Yes, that bad.

Donald Oddy

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