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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 12:35:46 GMT

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>I agree that one of the strengths of this community has always been its
>creativity. But it has also sruggled for a long time with the conflcit
>between such creativity and official publications. Remember Blank Lands?
>It is hard for Moon Designs, or Mongoose, to satisfy both the demand from
>people to understand what is being worked on and not make people feel
>that they are squashing creativity in an area.

It's a balance. Too much pre-announcement and creativity is stifled by people waiting for official publications. Too little generates a feeling that putting work into an idea is a waste because an official publication could appear next month and overrule it. To me three months is about right - delays at that stage of production should not add more than a few months more while giving plenty of warning for fan's work not to be overruled immediately. Personally I don't find official publications to be much of a problem. I tend to write in character for Glorantha so it's less MGWV as "my Gloranthan character thinks the official version has got it wrong".

>Of course MD has been fairly clear that it feels the business
>opportunity is in publishing for Dragon Pass, Prax and the Holy
>Country (essentially the RQ2 map area). So folks who want to be
>creative without risk of conflict might be better spreading their
>wings further afield. Lord knows that despite ILH-1 and ILH-2 I
>still don't see many Lunar campaigns.

Probably because they are background books rather than campaign or scenario books. Even Champions of the Reaching Moon is more background than game material. We've now got the background for the Lunars in the same way that TR and ST did for the Orlanthi. It is possible to reverse engineer the Sartar Rising series to make a Lunar campaign but for a good story it needs the emphasis to change and there's quite a bit of work in that. That's why I've always wanted this WW project to be playable from both sides.

Donald Oddy

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