Re: Hi, I see there is an upcoming WW book

From: Rick Meints <rjmeints_at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 02:54:12 -0000

Moon Design has never published a limited edition book that intended to screw money out of anyone, nor has it published a much pricier version of a book and then delayed a cheaper regular publication for an extended period of time for any reason.

I also resent your use of the word "commoner". That implies Moon Design is treating some people as the elite and others as lesser people. I have made no such distinction ever. You may keep calling yourself things like that, but I never will.

Setting all that aside, so I can focus on the future instead of the past, Jeff said he would get the Sartar manuscript done in X number of months and he delivered on time. He has the Pavis manuscript well under way and says he will have it written by September. After that, he is moving on to Whitewall, which he wants to have written by December. When I say "he" please note that Jeff is working with Greg, Simon, Ian, and a number of others on these books. He is, no doubt, the principle author, but by no means is he working in isolation or not involving a host of others. Many of us are working hard at getting publications out in a timely manner.


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