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Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 13:00:44 +0100

Haha! I have to use an oxygen mask just to go to the shops!

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> None of you have even seen anything except a pimple until you've been to the Croydonia Range of Surrey. You'll think you've been living in Holland!

Cheltenham has to be the steepest place in Britain, since that's where Eddie the Eagle comes from - right? for those who don't know this classic British hero.

And then there's Parys Mountain, on Angelsey, which I managed to drive over without realising it was there (or even changing gear).

Still, thinking back, if you want viciously cold winter walking conditions: anyone remember the description I put in "when the snow lay roundabout"? That was based on a walk across Kinder Scout, in the Peak District, max height 636m. Frozen waterfalls, snow way above your head, the lot, and a chill factor such that touching metal bare-handed meant losing skin. The nearest I met to a man-eating monster was an over-excited Jack Russell, though.       

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