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From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 10:30:29 +0000 (GMT)

>Is this aimed at me, or a general point?

General, for information.

"The geography of Dragon Pass is not mundane. The land is overshadowed by awesome Kero Fin, a narrow needle of a mountain more than half again as high as Mount Everest. Mountains are the bodies of dragons, gods, and giants. Even the climate reflects magic instead of meteorology, as the strength of the gods of the Storm Tribe defines the weather. Special effects such as the Iphara fogs and Molanni fumes follow no terrestrial climatic laws. This book can only provide guidance, and you are encouraged to create unique effects in your stories. Remember that the land and weather are characters in your story too."

We go on to describe the characteristics of each of the ranges. Much as Stew says, take real world inspiration, but bear in mind its mythic.

Ian Cooper

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