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From: Jane <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 22:26:07 -0000

I couldn't report on this here earlier, because my players are on this list, but the Swords campaign just reached a turning point, and Secrets have been revealed to them.

Two big sections got lifted from here, and now one has climaxed, and the other is no longer secret and is about to start.

Do you remember our suggestion that towards the end of the siege, Kallyr and Broyan were carrying out that myth from the Vingkotling Age, where Orlanth gets exiled, then summoned back by Vingkot? We reckoned it would strengthen Broyan's identification with Vingkot no end, and would be quite handy for Kallyr as advance prep for the LBQ she's due to do in a year or so.

"After Orlanth's time of exile was over, Vingkot sacrificed and called him back. Orlanth returned with his Four Storms. He returned Urox to the tribe by wrestling him. He went to Kolat and forged old bonds anew, for the Storm Tribe had cast Kolat out when Orlanth left. He went to Humakt and made amends, as was required...."

That's my PCs, and the NPC Warlord of their mercenary troop. We knew from the start of game-play, long before I was GM, that they'd left Whitewall for some reason involving honour, and Kallyr having seriously pissed them off. They now know why - she set it up so as to have something to make amends for as part of this quest. In fact she badly underestimated how thoroughly she'd annoyed them, and only just managed to talk her way out of being executed (with a bit of PC assistance).

Now we're all friends again (mostly) and move on to the next part of the plot that was concocted here. Remember we had Orlanth getting more and more tied to Whitewall, and therefore vunerable when WW falls? Remember we said that a few of the Orlanthi (Broyan and Kallyr) had worked out that this was actually a *good* thing, because the Orlanthi knew how to survive Fimbulwinter and how to end it, and the Lunars didn't? So both sides were happily escalating the "tie Orlanth to Whitewall" idea?

There's just one nasty catch to this. The Lunars have a habit of putting their enemies in their own special Lunar Hells, where a simple straightforward LBQ won't get them back. We don't want that to happen to Orlanth, do we?

So, as not invented here, only in my crazed imagination (because I have overpowered Humakti at my disposal), we take it one stage further. If you take it as read that Whitewall is going to fall, and Orlanth will be sent to Hell when that happens, how do you make sure he goes to the *right* Hell? Simple. You kill him yourself. Or rather, you ask some Humakti to do it for you :)

I promised the Swords players that I would get them into "Orlanth is Dead" as close-up and personal as possible. This might just do it.

If you want to know details, and read all the scenery-chewing, the Swords Chronicles are in a Wiki over here:

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