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Quoting argant1800 <>:

> I meant it as a comparative as these superstitions have taken on a
> supernatural aspect. It borders on the mythical side excepted that
> noone would want to reenact them; in fact it is exactly the contrary.
> Isn't is curious? It has now almost the meaning of a Celtic geas.
> Aren't there any culture in Glorantha that is subject to superstition
> because the gods of said culture had to suffer some negative effect
> because of such seemingly unimportant things?

Well, whagt kind of superstition are we talking about?

Wikipedia 1: A superstition is the irrational belief that future events are influenced by specific behaviors, without having a causal relationship.

Wikipedia 2: In the academic discipline of folkloristics the term "superstition" is used to denote any folk belief expressed in if/then (with an optional "unless" clause) format. If you break a mirror, then you will have seven years of bad luck unless you throw all of the pieces into a body of running water.

Oh wait, both of those are surely prevalent in Glorantha!

One of the things that I have always missed discussing in Gloranthan context is the vast body of beliefs and practices like those, many of which are meaningless, with no real effect. But in fact, I am certain they exist extensively.

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