From: boudaille2000 <glorantha_at_xsQC2RJ8pH0Dsgzojr22smoDdMT1VI1SefWWOPk_cA-8JxCl02IiFsKwL9PA-TNZw0>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:03:27 -0000

Hi everyone,

yesterday morning, one thought thrilled me out of nowhere. How stupid I am!

Since 97 I've got access to these wonderful lists, forums,… Even got the pleasure to have answers from Greg himself (not always the same ones :-)
and I've never tried to get a clue about what is a great secret of Glorantha to me : Androgeus.

An old fan and player of WBRM, I've always tried to get a mention of him/her in gloranthan litterature but never found one. And the thought went to sleep.

The sleeper has awaken ! So if you please, if anyone has the start of an explanation about this odd and apparently central character, please, I need to know what it's all about ?


Fred the french grognard            

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